Men’s & Boys’ Haircuts in Buckeye, AZ

Your haircut is an important part of your outfit. But does everything you wear look good on you? You never have to keep guessing with K & K Barbers by your side. We can execute all types of men’s and boys’ cuts with precision and ease. Here are factors to consider in your quest to find the best haircut.
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Which Haircut Is Best for You?

Today’s trendiest haircuts are the undercut, side part, fade, comb over, shag, quaff, crew cut, and mohawk. With so many options, it can be hard to figure out which one suits you best.

Depending on your face shape, some men’s and boys’ cuts will look good on you, but others, not so much. Here’s a simple chart to point you in the right direction.

  • Triangle face shape: Choose haircuts like the textured Pompadour, quiffs, and curly top.
  • Square face shape: Choose cuts like the quiff, undercut or side part
  • Rectangle face shape: Choose haircuts like side part or Pompadour
  • Heart face shape: You look best in a quiff or side part
  • Round face shape: Choose a French crop, side part, or Pompadour
  • Oval face shape: Quiff, Pompadour, or side part

Why Choose Us

What sets us apart from other barber shops? There’s no shortage of barber shops in Buckeye, AZ. K & K Barbershop has etched a niche for ourselves because we play by different rules. They include:


We use the best quality shampoos, oils, and moisturizers, ideal for your hair type. Over time, we’ve learned that proper hair preparation before cutting and styling helps yield great results.


A seemingly simple haircut requires great effort and experience to pull off. At K& K Barber Shop, we boast a dedicated team of barbers that will keep you coming back.

Hair Length and Growth

Your hair length and root pattern are integral when getting a haircut. We advise our clients to choose hairstyles that match their hair patterns and complement hair length.


If you work in the corporate sector, you may want to choose a haircut that suits the office. Our men’s barber shop can recommend a variety of haircuts and styles to match your lifestyle.

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Nothing beats the disappointment you feel when you walk out of a barber shop with a haircut you don’t like. Above are tips to help you choose the perfect haircut. Moreover, our barbers are ever willing to offer guidance. Contact us today and schedule your appointment.
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